• Published August 14th, 2013 by Mary Lou Guinn

This is the post I made on my facebook page - Please read! 

I got a call today (8-14-13) from a mom who considered hiring our studio for her son's wedding but then chose to go with someone who was less expensive. 

I listened while she shared one horrible thing after another. The posing was bad, the photos were dark and blurry, she was over an hour late and had family members waiting, she crossed the line talking about her own failed marriage to the wedding guest, there was no order in getting photos, and while at a beautiful golf course with multiple fabulous options for backgrounds, all the photos were up against the wall of one of the out building. 

The recourse for this family is minimum... small claims court at best.... but the photos of all the missed family members, the missed kiss... all of those things cannot be re-done.

My heart is broken for this family, the bride and all of the family.

The Facebook Comments...

"If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amatuer." - Christie Von Ditter 

"Reading this breaks my heart for the bride and groom. Being an upcoming bride myself I am so happy that I went with my heart and knew IMMEDIATELY I have made the right choice! October is just around the corner....Jeremy and I will be seeing you soon:)" Judy Peters 

"unfortunately I hear this story often. It is always the same, thought they could save a little and thought the memories were where they could trim. Isn't all photography the same??? Sadly no, no it is not." Trina Jones 

"Sadly consumers still continue choosing the cheap photographer, even after being told stories like this, they just don't get it till it happens to them." Sondra Siems

Again, Words to the Wise Bride, ALWAY choose a professional photographer. Don't have regrets!