Adios - Boring Photo Sessions!

  • Published July 30th, 2013 by Mary Lou Guinn, Point of View by Lou Photography

Say Adios to those B-O-R-I-N-G family pictures.  Lets create something unique, something that is all about you & YOUR family. 



When Grandma & Grandpa are in town, it is time to get the famiy together for the BIG PICTURE time.  Be sure to call me - I'm a large group specialist! - There are no groups that are too big!  I love these kind of photo sessions because it remeinds me of my family growing up.  I'm from a large family - I'm one of 9, my dad is one of 12, my mom is one of 9. Now add spouses, kids & grandkids... we are a clan!    


I am well versed in chaos! No need to worry if I can handle this kind of session. Seriously, I've studied with some of the masters of photography who specialize in large families, Don McGregor, Ken Whitmire & Gavin Seim... these names may not mean much to you, but those names represent weeks of photography school away from my family & studio -  studying... techniques... and much much more !  

You are not going to have a boring session that is for sure!  When I am the photographer for your family, you'll find out that it is a good 60 minutes of laughter... (I am really a lot of fun!)   You'll laugh when I tell dad to give mom a hug and then I say my "magic words" that make them smile - the authentic one that makes you smile!  

I cannot share my magic words with you unless your my client - but I promise that it will make you smile too! 

I swear, if I wasn't a photographer, I think I would've been a good comedian! 





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