Everyone needs a business portrait some time

  • Published June 17th, 2013 by Mary Lou Guinn

Since the day we opened our studio in 2007, we have found that nearly everyone needs a business portrait at one time or another.  

Today we had the best time photographing Sara, a local northwest author in need of a portrait for her novel.  One of the keys to an excellent business portrait, in addition to having the skill to do this, is understanding what the need and use of the photo. For example Dee, a personal trainer who works with senior citizens, her portrait was completely different from the one we did today.  We had her wear appropriate attire so when she marketed herself she look her best. Likewise when we photographed Eric, an investment banker, we was dressed in a suit that gave a professional look that matched his profession. 

Regardless the reason for the need of a portrait, be sure to pick a photographer that will give you the time for a consuultation. That will be a key to a sucessfull session. Also be sure to get a reprint permission release to use for web and print marketing.  A lo resolution copy is best for any online use, such as a website, blog, facebook, twitter, ect.. A hi resolution copy will be best for print marketing, brochures, business cards. flyers, ect.   Some studio may provide you with a copyright as well, however that isn't necessary, reprint permissions in trully all you need. Our studio retains the copyright on all our work, we are quite proud of the photography we provide and do not give it away.  Again, a reprint permissions is all you need for your use, commercial or personal. Your client contract will state which use you purchased with your session. 

We offer business portrait sessions in studio and on location. For those with a need for multiple sessions, we ask that we have a consultation to provide you with a custom quote.  

So here is the question for you to consider.... Have you had your business portrait taken?  If not, call us to schedule your session. 

Sara Amundson - horizonta