"Try-Out" Point of View with Summer Snap Sessions!

  • Published July 29th, 2013 by Mary Lou Guinn, Point of View by Lou Photography

Our Summer Photos session line up is ready!  We will be at the Beach, The Lavender Fields and the Olalla Vineyard & Winery! This is the perfect time to update your family photo and preorder your Christmas cards - Yes! you read it right! Christmas Cards!  Why not, you probably have a fabulous tan with the perfect weather we've been having! 


These quick pictures shoots are only 30 short minutes and worth a lifetime of memories to come!  Check the dates and call the studio - these sessions are in limited editions and these Snap Sessions are the perfect way to "try out" the studio! 






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Business Portrait - Calling ALL Business Men

  • Published July 18th, 2013 by Mary Lou Guinn, Point of View by Lou Photography

Dear Gentlemen, 

I suggest that you consider updating your business photo, which many call a "head shot." I don't shoot anybody here in the studio but I do create amazing business portraits!  We all change, at least a little bit, and you may not look like you did in your last photo so maybe it is time to update your photo. Now is the perfect time with this warm summer, you may have a fantastic tan!


We offer a quick and easy session in the studio - 30 minutes to photograph you and choose your favorite two images.  I'll do some quick retouching to make you look even more amazing than you already are, then send it to you electronicly.  You will recieve  two hi-resolution files for your printing needs and two lo-resolution files to use for any web-based marketing.   All this for only $175!



Sessions are held on Wednesday and Friday mornings.  


Don't hestitate, just do it. Men tend to be more decisive, so pick up the phone and call me today. 253-225-7108





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Investing in Your Wedding Pictures

  • Published January 16th, 2013 by Point of View by Lou Photography

I did a little research today to get a better idea of what the national average is for weddings these day. Well, according to "Cost of Wedding.com," our studio fits right into these numbers that they are reporting for a Well Experienced Photographer. Here is what I found - Point of View by Lou Wedding Photography is priced to fit within the realm of Well Experienced Photograpghy Nationwide. We are Award winning - Best of Show Wedding Album, Pierce County Professional Photographers. Check out our investment page and create a package that suites your individual style and needs.

  • Wedding Photographer:  Average Cost $1251 - $2085         Well Experienced Photographer $2502 - $3336       US  - $1200 for 12 hours of photography
  • Wedding Photo CD or DVD: Average Cost $251 - $419        Well Experienced Photographer $503- $670            US - $600 
  • Engagment Session: Average Cost: $317 - $528                  Well Experienced Photographer: $633-$844            US - $175 for Session +  $450 Album
  • Prints: Average Cost $173-$288                                            Well Experienced Photographer $ 345 - $460         US- $100 for 3 photos - most buy 9 - 12  prints at $300 - $400 
  • Traditional Leather Album: Average Cost  $357 - $595         Well Experienced Photographer $714 - $952         US- Coffee Table Albums begin at $600 Leather albums begin at $800


Here is the link


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Free Bridal Wedding Consultation

  • Published August 1st, 2012 by Mary Lou Guinn


I love to meet couples at for coffee and for a free no obligation consultation.  Take a look at our sample wedding albums & ask questions.  I promise to buy your coffee and won’t badger you like a used car salesman.  Our approach is relationship based. Lets begin a friendship. All our brides start off as strangers but in the end we are friends.  We want to work with you thru the process of planning your wedding.

Thru the years,  I have found that some couples had many questions about hiring a professional wedding photographer.  Some of the questions had to do with the amount of time and how long they thought they would need a photographer. When we pencil out an actual time line of the wedding day, ceremony, reception & photos they found that the time needed was actually longer than they thought. It wasn’t that I was trying to convince them that they needed to spend more money, but rather to have a realistic view on what they wanted and compare that to what the package they would need.

Another thought that they had not considered for them to think about:

When this wonderful wedding day is to be remembered 5 years from now, How is it that they want to remember this day?

Is it a CD that they will pop into the computer and look at photos? Is it a wall portrait of their wedding day? Is it a wedding album?

There are many cost involved with a wedding, however it is important to keep in mind that those beautiful flowers, yummy cake, delicious food, precious moments will only be preserved thru photography.

It is important to set aside funds somewhere from 15% -25% of your total wedding budget for your photography.

Another helpful part of the consultation that my couples found was that I came with my book of resources. I partner with many vendors, caterers, dj’s, videographers, venues and florist not to mention many more. As we discussed each couples plans I was able to supply them with business cards to help them fill in the gaps of vendors they were still looking for, which they found to be extremely helpful. (Just one more reason to meet with me for your free consultation)

Call me any time @ 253-225-7108 I would love to meet you over a cup of coffee to chat…

Your Friend and Wedding Photographer,


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