Adios - Boring Photo Sessions!

  • Published July 30th, 2013 by Mary Lou Guinn, Point of View by Lou Photography

Say Adios to those B-O-R-I-N-G family pictures.  Lets create something unique, something that is all about you & YOUR family. 



When Grandma & Grandpa are in town, it is time to get the famiy together for the BIG PICTURE time.  Be sure to call me - I'm a large group specialist! - There are no groups that are too big!  I love these kind of photo sessions because it remeinds me of my family growing up.  I'm from a large family - I'm one of 9, my dad is one of 12, my mom is one of 9. Now add spouses, kids & grandkids... we are a clan!    


I am well versed in chaos! No need to worry if I can handle this kind of session. Seriously, I've studied with some of the masters of photography who specialize in large families, Don McGregor, Ken Whitmire & Gavin Seim... these names may not mean much to you, but those names represent weeks of photography school away from my family & studio -  studying... techniques... and much much more !  

You are not going to have a boring session that is for sure!  When I am the photographer for your family, you'll find out that it is a good 60 minutes of laughter... (I am really a lot of fun!)   You'll laugh when I tell dad to give mom a hug and then I say my "magic words" that make them smile - the authentic one that makes you smile!  

I cannot share my magic words with you unless your my client - but I promise that it will make you smile too! 

I swear, if I wasn't a photographer, I think I would've been a good comedian! 





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"Try-Out" Point of View with Summer Snap Sessions!

  • Published July 29th, 2013 by Mary Lou Guinn, Point of View by Lou Photography

Our Summer Photos session line up is ready!  We will be at the Beach, The Lavender Fields and the Olalla Vineyard & Winery! This is the perfect time to update your family photo and preorder your Christmas cards - Yes! you read it right! Christmas Cards!  Why not, you probably have a fabulous tan with the perfect weather we've been having! 


These quick pictures shoots are only 30 short minutes and worth a lifetime of memories to come!  Check the dates and call the studio - these sessions are in limited editions and these Snap Sessions are the perfect way to "try out" the studio! 






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Our Reviews are Top 1% in the Nation!

  • Published February 15th, 2013 by Mary Lou Guinn

Gosh! What a great day!!  We recieved a high honor from Wedding Wire for excelent reviews in 2012 and we recieved notification from Linkedin that we were named as TOP 1% In the NATION for portrait photography reviews!  

We are THRILLED here at Point of View by Lou Photography!! It is more than taking good wedding pictures and business head shots.  We give our clients more than 100% whether they spend $1 or $$10,000 !  Every client, bride, groom, business person, woman, man, child is important to us. This studio is built on the faith of past clients sharing their expeirience with potential new clients. That is why these two awards mean so much! So THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  to every client who has given us a thumbs up.  

Here is just a snipped of the reviews we've recieved - you'll find more on Wedding and

Lou was amazing! She was so personable and definitely made our day less stressful. Our families loved her, and she did a great job of engaging with everyone in the party and worked hard to remember everyone's name. Definitely a fantastic find. The studio was great and working with us and customizing a great photography package for us!! Dash & Jessica 

It was so amazing having point of view by Lou at our wedding. She took lots of pictures and we definitely got our money's worth. She was flexible and got amazing photos of everything:)had lots of fun and got fun pictures. I couldn't have been happier with anyone else. Lori & Ryan



We were very happy with our choice to have Lou as our photoghrapher. She captured our day beautifully and was a pleasure to work with. Tara & Chris 
Lou is a great photographer located in Gig Harbor. With a variety of styles (family, wedding, portaits, etc), Lou is sure to be able to provide beautiful pictures and canvases of your special day. Easy to work with, engaging, and always smiling, Lou is a great choice! We love her!
Who doesn't hate having their picture taken? I sure do! I told Lou I've never had a decent head shot. I had low expectations of what she could do for me. What a surprise! In a few short minutes, Lou took a pretty darn decent head shot! So, I gave her another shot at it. I asked Lou to take some personal pictures. She came to my home, and we had so much fun! Not only is Lou a great photographer, she makes the whole process like spending time with a good friend. And because of this, the pictures turn out great.”  Julie Tappero
“Mary Lou radiates a warmth and authenticity that immediately put me at ease. Her preparedness, punctuality, and professionalism demonstrated efficiency without appearing rushed. Her experience and knowledge of her craft was evident in both the process and the results. Thank you, Lou" Cheri Calvert
“We have used Mary Lou for local youth sports photography; she has always been able to bring out the best in the kids. She has been able to take fantastic action shots as well team photos. Mary Lou is patient, and well organized and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Point of View by Lou Photography for any future photograph needs.” 
Scott Zeitner 


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Portrait Park Samples

  • Published November 18th, 2012 by Mary Lou Guinn

One of the special things about Point of View by Lou Photography is our Portrait Park. The asian garden, rock garden, rose garden, classic cars, country settings and unique grounds provide stunning backgrounds for our clients.   This  post features Liz who is one of our High School Senior Studio Representatives for 2013-2014.  Her photos were taken here in the park. The portrait park is where we host our annual Portriats in the Leaves event every fall. Every season of the year is unique to the park so there is no bad time for your pictures to be taken.   We are located only 4.2 miles off of Hwy 16 in Gig Harbor, minutes from Tacoma & Bremerton. Picutes on location are available as well for those with a special photo session in mind. Ask about your favorite picture place.  We are only minutes away from any water portrait or beach photo location. 

Call us today to schedule your photos! There is still time to get these done before Christmas 2012.




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