When to hire your wedding photographer?

  • Published February 3rd, 2014 by Mary Lou Guinn

Planning you wedding is probably going to be one of the biggest task you will have to do!

One of my favorite tips is to get a wedding planner or get a book to help you out.  "The Knot Book of Wedding List"  suggest that between 9-11 months you need to do these things: 

  • Send out Save the date cards -  I can help you with those! Let's make personalize photocards!
  • Book your caterer - I can recommend some amazing places - see my previous post and facebook post about who my fav's are
  • Book your florist - Again I can recommend some amazing florist for you to check out!

No one needs to tell you again that when everything is said and done with the wedding, your wedding pictures are going to  be the only thing that last.  So how do you go about making these decisions for who will be taking pictures at your wedding.  

Price - What does it cost for wedding pictures? 

Some couples choose a family member or freind who takes good photos and has a nice camera to help cut the cost of the wedding.  I like the idea of savings money but I would say to carefully reconsider this. The skill and professional education from a professional photographer is well work the investment you make.... Yes, I said INVESTMENT.  Be sure to consider that this is an investment that will last 20-30-40 years from now. As with all investments your wedding album and photos will only grow in appreciation over time where as a set a bad wedding photos will only build resentment and sadness over the years.

Style? What style of photography do you want?

Every wedding photographer has a unique style that may include traditional, photojournalistic, high fashion or a blend of all of these.  I suggest that you meet with you photographer you are interviewing and look at recent work and ask lots of questions.  One of the things that I really enjoy is meeting with couples and showing them my work. I am a traditionally trained photographer but that doesn't mean that is all I do.  You see, when you know HOW to create a great photo or wedding picture, then I can go and start breaking all the "photography rules" to create those UNIQUE wedding photos and pictures that every bride wants in her album.   Take a look at my work, you'll find that I am a blend of all three types. and you can look at my work any time you want in person with a free wedding consultation.


So bottom line it this.... Don't wait to hire your wedding photographer!  9-11 months is still cutting it close, My studio books 10-14 months out.  The sooner you secure your photographer the better. This will give you time to make your payments to pay off your wedding pictures 30 days before the big wedding day! 


So let's get started! Call me at 253-225-7108 


Happy Wedding Planning!


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